The Design Process


One of the biggest factors behind starting my own business was that I wanted to provide beautiful accessories that were not only sustainable but kind on our planet.  

I hand make all of the clay to ensure i know exactly what goes into it.  It is a completely natural clay which is then coloured and mixed to obtain unique colours.  It is an Air Dry Clay that is 100% earth friendly and all accessories are sealed with a non toxic sealant so they are water resistant. The Clay I use is completely odourless and does not contain plastic therefore is kind to our Mother Earth. A great alternative to Polymer Clay.  Keeping my ecological footprint as low as possible. 

​Sustainable Leather is in fact genuine leather which is a natural product and is a bi-product of the meat industry.  The Leather I use comes from off-cuts only.  This means there is no wastage from pre-production leather scraps that come from industrial work products that produce upholstery, shoes, bags and more.

Earth Friendly Vegan Leather.  A relatively new product to the market, this premium vegan leather range is certified earth friendly and 100% animal cruelty free.  It is made from biodegradable natural wood pulp bound by natural latex (white sap from the Hevea Brasilienis Tree) & dyed with ecologically friendly water based pigments. It’s also fully biodegradable after 2 weeks in the soil.